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February 2014

Glacier Perrito Moreno


overcast 8 °C

After another 20 odd hour bus trip we are officially pros. By pros, I mean we feel like crying at the mention of the word bus, but we got there and that's what counts. Calafate was quite a nice little town right next to a lake which was very pretty, we stayed in what Matt likes to call a ¨backpacker factory¨with 50 rooms, but it was fun to meet people who had just done what we were planning and exchange tips.

We took the typical tourist bus out to the glacier, and then spent almost 5 hours wandering around the glacier. It was a spectacular sight. It was huge, reaching back further than we could see with the little bit of cloud that was around, and so blue, it was amazing. Each face was different and you could spend hours just staring at it. Apparently, it´s quite an active glacier and we were lucky enough to see a few chunks break off, I couldn't believe how loud it was, even for the smallish chunks we saw come off, the crack was unbelievable! A few years ago a whole section broke off, I can't imagine what that would have been like, down right scary most likely.


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Kayaking with Sealions...

...playing with dolphins and wandering with penguins

sunny 26 °C

On the second day of our whirlwind tour of Puerto Madryn we got up bright and early to go kayaking with Sealions. It was brilliant! Matt and I shared a two man kayak and after some teething problems worked quite well as a dynamic duo. The trip was brilliant. We were right up close to the sea lions, I mean this close.

It was a bit disconcerting at first as the guide had mentioned that on occasion they tried to jump up onto the kayaks and could tip them over. The males also look pretty bloody big when they're right next to you in the water. After a while you got into the rythym though and it was just magical. At one stage Matt and I were only about 2 metres from one of the colonies and a few of the curious females decided to play around us for a while and check us out. I could have patted one if I was quick (and brave) enough. Just amazing!

Day three was all about dolphins and penguins. The bus trip down to Punto Tombo (Penguin colony) was a little grueling but well worth it. After a couple of hours we stopped near Trelew to see the world's smallest dolphins, they are black and white, and look a little like very miniature killer whales, and they're so fast! We jumped on a speed boat to see them, and they kept up and played along with us almost the whole time, jumping in the waves created by the boat and zooming around and under us. I wished we could have stayed for longer.


Next we were off to see the penguins at a massive colony at Punto Tombo. There were so many of them and they wander right across your path, very cute! It was only a few months after breeding season so we saw babies and adults, and in some ways the countryside was almost as beautiful, deep reds, greens, greys, blues and yellows. I don't think the photos will do it justice but it was pretty cool. Even filmed our own mini march of the penguins up from the beach.

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