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Seafood Chowder, World Cup and lazy days

Veracruz and Mexico City

sunny 28 °C

From swimming with Whale Sharks we headed to Mexico City stopping off for a day in Veracruz to break the journey.
Veracruz was very cruisy, we went for a wander around the waterfront and stopped off at the fish markets for some AMAZING seafood stew.
We slurped on some traditional icey like delicious fruity concoctions.
We arrived in Mexico City a couple of days later to meet up with MEL!! YAY!!
We spent a fantastic 10 days hanging out, relaxing, watching the World Cup. We even made it to Angel Place where the Mexicans all converge to celebrate. Incredible atmosphere.

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Snokelling with Whale Sharks

Isla de la Mujeres

sunny 26 °C

From Tulum we made our way to Cancun and on to Isla de la Mujeres. Our reason: Whale Sharks.
We arrived in the late afternoon and sorted out a good deal on a tour before making a delicious dinner and taking advantage of the TV and DVD player in our room.
The Island was pretty touristy but still pretty cool. We started our tour with breakfast at a local café and headed out on our tour. We did some snorkelling which was pretty cool but fairly basic compared with what we'd done already. The real highlight were the whalesharks.
Unfortunately, we were one of about 10 boats but we still got some serious quality time with the whalesharks. Matt and I went in twice (with some seasick puking in between) the first time we got a glimpse, but the second time was amazing.
We were sitting in the water looking in all directions trying to get a second glimpse when this huge head emerged out of the deep blue and passed a metre or so underneath us. We started swimming alongside it, thankfully it was happy to move slowly. We probably spent five minutes swimming next to it, no more than a metre away. It was an incredible experience.
Apart from the seasickness it was a perfect day.

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Cenotes, wow!


rain 19 °C

We crossed the border into Mexico and pushed through to Tulum for our first night. We found a lovely hostel to stay right near the bus stop thanks to the advice of a very friendly bus stop security guard. We found out the next day it was also one of the cheapest! Yeah!
We weren't sure what to do with our first day until some of our fellow backpackers invited us to visit one of the nearby Cenotes. We'd heard they were pretty cool, but they really were amazing. The water was crystal clear and turquoise. The fact that they are in caves just make them even cooler. It was overcast and raining outside but in the caves the water almost seemed to have their own light. It was beautiful and very cool exploring the rock formations underwater. We visited Los Dos Ojos Cenote and enjoyed a fantastic day snorkelling,, though the cold got to me in the end.
We didn't do a whole lot else in Tulum, but enjoyed our time and the company of some other friendly backpackers.


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