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Turtles, Manatees and a well earned rest

Caye Caulker, Belize

overcast 23 °C

large_GOPR0636.jpgAfter our gruelling six day hike in Guatemala we decided we had earned some R&R and definitely needed some blue waters in which to bathe our aching feet. : )

We headed to Caye Caulker. It's a lovely little island, no cars, just golf buggies and back to those fantastic Belizean accents. We struggled to find a place within our budget that wasn't already booked up, Matt came through with a great room with an outdoor kitchen and even proper towels. Live without one for months and tell me that isn't a worthwhile perk!
We spent our first day relaxing and getting the lay of the land, and booking what we were hoping would be a great snorkelling tour.

We were on a tour with about 6 others and the absolute best guide. Caveman tours. Hands down the best guide there is!
We started by going looking for manatees in a spot they usually frequent but were disappointed to find they weren't around that morning. We then snorkelled around a pretty cool wreck and saw some great fish. We headed off to find a local fisherman who'd been using that same spot to gut his catch for decades, which meant two hawksbill turtles and tons of rays and fish congregated at the spot. We swam with them for quite a while before the hordes of other tourists and less ethical guides turned up. They were beautiful and so close.
Next we went swimming with nurse sharks. They kind of look like giant catfish, but they're still pretty cool to swim with. Then we headed off to a spot with a great shelf for snorkelling and nearby seagrass where we got to watch green turtles for ages. We were one of the only groups around and they were beautiful. Matt and I hung around with one just to ourselves for ages. We've even got photos to prove it....
We climbed back in our boat and Caveman decided to extend our time a little and look for the manatees once more. This time we were lucky. They were incredible. They were the most relaxed creatures I've ever seen, just hanging out and chilling in the water, virtually unmoving. They were beautiful in their ugliness. We could have watched them for hours. Eventually, Caveman signalled it was time to go. Reluctantly, we left, but it was truly one of the best experiences imaginable.
The final stop in our tour included hunting for tiny seahorses in the mangroves which were very cool and then handfeeding (or at least Matt hand fed, I watched) some really pretty big fish back near the docks.
Overall it was a spectacular day.

We finished relaxing on Caye Caulker and headed for Mexico.

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Beach time


sunny 29 °C

A ferry, a bus and two shuttles got us across the border and into Puerto Barrios. We had met some Canadians and a Swiss girl en route so hung out in a cheap hostel and enjoyed some great street food for dinner. The next morning we walked down to immigration and then grabbed our tickets to Punta Gorda in Belize.
A short and rather pleasant lancha ride later we arrived in Belize. The first thing you notice are the accents. They're fantastic! We hopped a bus to Independence and then a quick water taxi over to Placencia.
Placencia was beautiful. With only one road and then a sidewalk about 50m closer to the beach, it was the perfect place to relax and get some proper beach time. We stayed in a little place right near the beach, found a brilliant local bakery and discovered Padanas and Salbutes, and spent three days swimming and lying in the sun (or shade in my case).
We grabbed some cheap local beers one night and had a great time hanging out right on the water's edge, drinking and watching the last of the light fade. Very relaxing!

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