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Highest lake in the world

Lake Titicaca

sunny 28 °C

After quite an interesting trip, involving the bus and us being ferried across the lake separately, we arrived at Copacabana on Lake Titicaca.


Copa itself wasn't anything flash but we spent a nice day checking out the town and walking up to the lookout over the lake. It really is beautiful, you feel like you're on top of the world here. It's an amazing feeling. The next day we headed out to Isla Del Sol, which had particular religious significance for the Incas. The ruins were a little disappointing but the island itself was beautiful.


We did the circuit around the island in an afternoon and had some spectacular views of the lake. It was a beautiful, peaceful day, and we stayed in a gorgeous place which looked out over the lake. If we'd been up early enough we could have watched the sunrise over the lake. Laziness won the day however, and we just enjoyed our view a more civilised hour. The experience was a little marred by the hotel owner doing the old switercheroo. After negotiating the price when we got off the boat, he told us (after a pretty gruelling hike up the top of the hill) that the price was per person. He quite accurately predicted we would not want to go all the way back down and have to hike up again. Touche Mr hotel man, this round to you.



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I thought we were on Mars

Salar de Uyuni and Sajama National Park

sunny 12 °C

Uyuni itself wasn't the most inspiring little town, but as the access point to Sajama National Park and Salar de Uyuni, it was everything we needed. We arrived in the morning and ran around finding a hostel, booking our tour, booking our bus back out and finally relaxing and recovering from an uncomfortable overnight bus trip.

We went with Los Tres Gigantes (cheapest tour company we could find) to do the 3 day tour, and it was the best $100 I've ever spent. Our first day we went out to the train cemetery (where old trains were left to rust in the salt) and then onto the salt flat itself. It's so incredibly white, it's hard to describe and incredibly hard on the eyes without sunglasses. Just an amazing sight! Then it was onto our first night's resting spot, which was a very cute mudbrick town about four hours from Uyuni on rather bumpy dirt roads.

The second day was the real highlight, we went from lake to lake, each more spectacular than the next with some magnificent scenery in between and rather bizarre rock formations. Sometimes it was like being on another planet with white lakes and red lakes and barren landscape. We saw flamingos llamas, vicunas (a wild and slightly smaller version of the Llama) and a bird that looks a little like a small emu. Just incredible.

The next day, two of our company got some serious altitude sickness and were throwing up all night, so they couldn't continue. There was serious debate the night before about whether we would get to continue, as the sick travlllers didn't want to pay any extra to stay behind, and all the other cars were already full. Our driver eventually saved the day, by stumping up the money himself. So we were up at 3:30am the next morning to see the geysers which we pretty cool if a little smelly and then off to the hot springs, which after two days without showers and a very cold morning were a real treat! We then circled back to pick up the sick two, and unfortunately missed the last lake (Laguna Verde) and Dali's desert, but the tour was amazing all the same.

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La Paz

Rest, recuperation and acclimatisation

sunny 13 °C

We arrived in Bolivia, ready for some relaxation and at over 3500m above sea level, we needed to take it easy for a few days to get used to the altitude. We spent our first 4 days in La Paz, eating, resting, planning (oh the dreaded planning, how we hate you) and eating some more. With 3 course lunches at around $2 we were eating well, which made Matt very happy, and they became the centrepiece of each of our days. The location of the city is pretty spectacular, turning a corner to look up at the steep slope of the crater in which its nestled is pretty amazing. The sight of the city at night was just magical, gold and silver lights sparkling, really beautiful. On our overnight bus to Uyuni to do the Salt flats/national park, the moon was rising over the lip of the crater as we drove out, so beautiful. It will definitely stay in my mind as one of the most beautiful sights I´ve ever seen.


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