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All I can say is Wow!

Iguazu falls

sunny 32 °C

Wow! That's all I can say about the Iguazu falls, just wow! I don't think I can describe the feeling or the enormity of these falls and do them justice. They are right on the border of Argentina and Brazil, so you can go out and see them from both sides. Some people only do one, but they're crazy, both are amazing. The best I can describe the size of these falls is to think of it like looking at a plateau, now just imagine thousands of megalitres of water pouring off the whole thing! That's what you see from the Brazilian side, you really get a sense of the scale. On the Argentinian side you get closer and that's pretty cool, especially walking 1km over the water to look down over the tallest of the waterfalls (yes that's a 1km wide section of river that doesn't even reach the other side). The whole thing is brilliant, the photos don't do it justice but I've added a couple. Oh, and I forgot to mention the butterflies! They were everywhere, I honestly think we saw at least 30 different varieties.

We also went to a great bird park where you got to go into the aviaries with Toucans, Macaws and about 40 other birds I couldn't name if I tried (some photos below). As well as a whole bunch that we couldn't get that close too, like the world's largest variety of eagle. I discovered Matt is a big bird fan, so if you'd like to see a photo of any specific bird we probably have a photo of it.

Bird park photos (have to upload photos of the falls later, all mine were lost in the great bag theft of 2014... see next post)

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Sun, sand and absolutely no surf

sunny 35 °C

After a bit of a jetlagged/hectic Rio we are now in Paraty, a small coastal town about 200km south of Rio. It’s a beautiful town with (apparently) some of the best Colonial Portugese architecture there is to see. We were expecting gorgeous clear blue waters but as the river mouth is so close to the beach it’s a bit brown. That wouldn’t be so bad but it’s also so hot! The water is like a bath! After chilling at the beach and checking out the old town for a couple of days, yesterday we headed up to some nearby waterfalls. It was gorgeous. We went to one that forms a natural waterslide, it was so much fun! We got some video of us going down the slide (too big to upload unfortunately) but it doesn’t do justice to how fast we were sliding down this thing. After a few goes on the slide (including having some locals hurl me down to really get the speed up), we walked up a bit further and chilled out in a nice cool pool. Great day. Most of our photos of the waterfalls/old town are on Matt's camera so will add them in once I get them onto my computer. Tomorrow we go on a 22 hr bus ride to the Iguazu falls. Eep!


These guys are crazy! This thing was way too high to jump off and the landing area, way too small.

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Sugarloaf and Christo Redentor

sunny 37 °C


So we’ve finally done some touristing (my blog, so I can make up words if I like). On New Year’s day we headed up to Sugarloaf (Pao do Acucar). After waiting almost 40mins to get the local bus to Urca, we decided to walk, which only ended up taking 20-30mins. After one of the inevitably long queues (Matt likes to say – “come to Rio and stand in a queue”) we got the cable car up the mountain to watch the sunset over Rio - wow what a view!.

The next day, after a trip out to the bus station to buy our tickets to Paraty (another long queue), we decided we were going to skip the queues for the train/vans up to Christo Redentor and hike it instead. Phew! It wasn’t all that far but it was incredibly steep for about ¾ of the hike. At one point there is even a chain to help you get up an almost vertical section of rock! It was hard but very rewarding. In fact I think we both would have been a bit disappointed with the whole day if we’d waited in the 2 hr + queue to get up to see the statue (and another equally long queue to get back down). While the statue is big and a bit of a symbol of Rio, it’s actually not really that exciting or inspiring to see up close. If there was anywhere in Rio we could have seen it a bit closer without going up, we probably would have saved ourselves the R$32 entrance fee. The hike was great though, we saw monkeys on the way up and back down, and felt pretty pleased with ourselves when we made it to the top.

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New Year’s Eve in Rio!

sunny 36 °C


Wow! It was amazing! We had such a great night, it really made Rio for us. We hung out with some other Aussies and a couple of Brits just chatting and having a couple of drinks, then headed down to Copacabana around10:30pm. I was worried it might be hard to fight our way through the crowd to see any fireworks, but it was so easy! We just strolled down, and while busy, it was relaxed and very easy to weave your way through the crowd, so that we ended up with our own little space right in the middle of the beach with a perfect view of the fireworks - some of the best I’ve ever seen (but I’ll let the photos do the talking). After the fireworks we wandered back towards the hostel and stopped to listen to some impromptu jamming on the drums, which was great fun. Best New Year’s ever!

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Rio de Janeiro

Day 1

sunny 36 °C

We've arrived... and we're exhausted. 36 hours on flights/in transit has given us a new appreciation for being able to lie down. There's nothing like travelling to make you happy about the small things.

In our first 24 hours so far we've managed to sleep, take a brief trip to Copacabana, where we almost swum (the water was a very unappealing brown so in the end I decided waste deep was enough for me), did a very quick food shop, some planning for our next few days in Brazil and then napped. Sleep seems to be our number 1 activity so far, but I'm hoping another decent night's sleep tonight and we'll be ready to be a bit more adventurous tomorrow.

It's incredibly hot and sticky (36 degrees and about as humid as I've ever experienced), so that may be slowing us down a little too. : )

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